Customer Support

The last thing we want is for your website to become stale. Your website will be an important part of your marketing - the website address will be on all your business stationery and literature. It will be your shop window for all the world - literally - to see. Forest Design provides a fully comprehensive support facility to keep your website up to date.

It is most important is to keep your website up to date and looking fresh. We've all seen the sites that were last updated a couple of years ago and have obviously out of date information on them - that does nothing for the credibility of the business.

So we will update your site as often as you wish, new products, new services, new photos, new menus, latest news - anything! Your customers will then be encouraged to visit your website regularly and you can be assured that they will always see fresh material. The search engines also like to see websites that have been regularly updated so you will be helping your website ranking by keeping it up to date.

That's why Forest Design offer a full support package for your site which includes:

Customer Support
  • Website hosting on a fast professional multiple servers
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Telephone support and advice always available during business hours
  • Personal office visits (where practicable)
  • Initial "search engine friendly" optimisation to include your keywords
  • On demand reasonable website updating of site content
  • A CD of the website files for you to retain as a backup

Update your own site

Forest Design Content Management System

Forest Design can provide the facility for you to update your own website. You don't have to be an expert - if you have used a word processor then it's that simple. You can't even make a mess of it! - you can "roll it back" to the previous version if you don't like what you've done.

Forest Design will continue to make any required major changes to the site, but you can add regular news letters or change the menus - or whatever you wish to add - including pictures.

Forest Design will monitor your site on a regular basis to ensure it is operating correctly and download the latest changes as back up. We will check that the email boxes work and if you want to add or delete some mail box addresses you can do this yourself as well. If you get into trouble we will provide telephone support and visit your office if necessary.

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